Waterfed Pole Cleaning services in Toronto
Waterfed pole cleaning - device


H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. has evolved! We extended our window cleaning services by making use of a brand new technology called “waterfed pole system”.

It allows our crew to safely stay on ground while performing their cleaning job. Our workers can still reach any windows or other to be cleaned surfaces up to 5 and 6 stories high ( app. 54ft.!):

  • Can reach up to 52ft
  • eco-friendly system utilizing pure water
  • Recessed windows will be cleaned
  • All outdoor window surfaces  (incl. frames)
  • Safe for crew  (job can be done on ground)
  • Good for building – No anchor system

Find out about the possibilities for you and your building provided by the waterfed pole system.

Available services: window cleaning with pure water, no chemicals via waterfed pole system
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waterfed pole system

Eco-friendly technology - pure water

Toronto's professional waterfed pole cleaner

Reaches up to 52ft.

All services are subject to our quality assurance policy. Please contact us to schedule service.

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