We believe that a well-performed hand-cleaning of your home’s, public building’s and meeting room chandeliers is necessary to bring out its natural brilliance and add to the longevity of each chandelier.

Chandeliers are the jewelry of a room. Sparkle and brilliance are added instantly and are often a statement piece of your home. Others may offer chandelier cleaning but use a spray and drip-dry method. This method of cleaning is not detailed or effective in cleaning build-up on these expensive pieces in your interieur.

Just like you wouldn’t clean your diamonds by spraying them with glass cleaner and waiting for them to drip dry; The only way to achieve a thorough and deep cleaning of all chandelier components is by detaching, hand-cleaning, and reattaching every single piece.

Why should you not use the drip-dry method? Once the crystals are sprayed, they still need to be wiped and polished. If the crystals are not wiped, a film or smoky finish will reside. Think of it this way- to clean your windows or glass, would you spray glass cleaner on it and let it drip dry without wiping? Of course not. Additional reasons include damage to the wiring, loosening of the crystal arms (which are usually set in plaster), and corrosion of the metal, which will turn color and destroy the plate. If you decide to choose another chandelier cleaning company to maintain your fixture, it’s imperative you inquire of their cleaning method prior to committing.

This requires more time and work, but the results are stunning and worth the investment. Our process starts by detaching each piece of hanging crystal and cleaning it by hand. Your residence, hotel, apartment buildings, or business’ chandelier is cleaned in the most detailed and meticulous manner possible. We also clean the metal work or finish of your light to leave you with a stunning chandelier that looks its very best! We also suggest replacing your bulbs during the cleaning process for especially high-mounted fixtures to ensure all bulbs continue performing properly and providing maximum brilliance.

We will respect your property as if it was our own. Call us if you have any questions about our chandelier cleaning services.

We recommend scheduling a cleaning for your home chandelier if you have:

  • renovated a room
  • sanded your hardwood floors
  • just moved into a new home
  • thought of listing your home for sale
  • decided that our scheduled maintenance would work best for you

We provide chandelier cleaning services for businesses such as:

  • hotels
  • apartment buildings
  • associations
  • business complexes
  • medical facilities
  • schools
  • spa/salons
  • condo common areas / foyers
  • park districts
  • restaurants
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Insurance
  • Efficiency

Advanced Equipment: we have state-of-the-art equipment, not the kind you can buy at your local home improvement store.
Sustainable Practices: We follow strict regulations regarding runoff water and environmentally-safe chemicals, if we need to make use of such.
Insurance: We carry our own insurance to pay for any damages to your building should it occur during the service.
Efficiency: We have the experience to do the practice quickly and efficiently so that your siding, deck or driveway needs to be washed only once a year.

Available services: chandelier cleaning using professional equipment processed by H. Breiter Ltd. Toronto
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