Caulking Installation in Toronto


Well-maintained windows let sunlight in and keep water, cold air, and insects out. Unfortunately, when your window’s caulking wears down, its protective qualities and energy efficiency do as well. Luckily, H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. will help you identify and maintain vulnerable areas performing their excellent caulking services in Toronto. We can also re-caulk and repair any existing damages.

If you’re not sure about the state of your windows’ caulking, watch out for these warning signs:

  • Drafts — Is your window closed and locked, but it still allows air to flow through? If so, there may be gaps or cracks in the caulking.
  • Peeling paint — If the paint near your window (on the wall or window sill) peels, the peeling signals that water damage has occurred. Water damage varies in severity. Your window may leak consistently or just when the wind blows a certain direction. Whatever the case, it’s important to have us replace the caulking in your Toronto home.
  • Rotting wood — You may notice that the window sills’ exterior wood has rotted. If this has happened, it’s definitely time to replace the caulking and reseal the window.

As the home or business property owner, you need to watch for the issues listed above. If you notice any of the aforementioned signs or suspect that a window has leaked, give us a call. We can help you resolve the issue.

No matter the season, the caulking in your Toronto windows plays an important role. It seals your building against energy loss, allowing you to spend less on your power bills. Get repairs immediately if it fails.


Available services: Caulking of windows as well as Re-caulking and repair of any existing damage. Book profesional caulking service at H. Breiter's in North York. We provide service in Toronto and GTA!
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